Roman blinds

Darn Right roman blinds

Roman blinds

High-quality, bespoke hand-made roman blinds

The roman blinds that we produce are top-of-the-range:
  • The only stitches on the front of the blind will be very well disguised stab stitches required to keep the layers of the blind together
  • We create rod pockets using the lining of the blind rather than using pocket tape
  • We use a bonded interlining to add thermal rating and structure to the blinds folds
  • This bonding interlining can also be blackout, so eliminating the maximum amount of light possible
  • Our headrails are the highest quality and come with a life-time guarantee
  • The headrails can be geared so even the heaviest blinds are easy to work

Roman blind FAQs

What sort of blinds do you make?

Darn Right makes bespoke roman blinds in the fabric of your choosing. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation home visit to measure up, quote and advise on the best style of dressing for your windows.

Do you make roller blinds or vertical blinds?

We specialise in roman blinds and curtains. Other window dressings such as roller blinds and vertical blinds can be added as extras if required.

Are your blinds child friendly?

We use roman blind headrails that are made by a leading manufacturer and fully comply with all British Safety Standards. There are regulations that legislate on the maximum cord and chain heights.

Blind cord safety standards

With the headrails that we prefer to use, it is possible to have your chain as low as 60cm off the floor. If you choose a headrail without the PullAway drive option, the chain has to be at least 1.5m off the floor. The cords on the back of the blind are attached with safety cord breakers and cord adjusters. Heavier blinds will have a lower gear ratio (1:4) in order to make it easy to raise them. Alternatively, for the ultimate child-safe and hassle-free option, why not ask about motorised blinds?​​​

Should the blind be inside or outside the recess?

Roman blinds can either be located inside or outside the recess of the window. If outside, it is recommended to overlap the window recess by around 10cm each side in order to limit light ingress into the room. The position of your blind will depend on window furniture (for example handles) as it is important that the blind does not snag when raised.

Contact Darn Right for a free home consultation to discuss the appropriate blind for your window.

What linings do you use?

Darn Right will advise on the best linings to use for your specific window and will source them on your behalf. We will not work with inferior or untested linings so we can ensure a perfect long-lasting finish.


At Darn Right we make roman blinds to the highest standard. We will make the back of the blind with a high-quality complimentary lining fabric. We do not use rod pocket tape – take a look at the video above to see a blind in construction.


Adding an additional layer of bonded interlining between the face fabric and the back of the blind is recommended. This can either be black-out or normal bonded interlining. It adds structure to the blind as well as extra depth to the folds providing a luxurious finish. Moreover, interlining improves the thermal performance of the roman blind and protects the face fabric from sunlight. 

Roman blind projects

Browse through some of our recent projects to get an idea of how we could help you. Each project includes a brief outline of the work as well as the fabric and materials used.

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