Terms & conditions


These Terms and Conditions (T&C) form the basis of the contract between you (the Customer) and us (Darn Right). By accepting a quote and purchasing our services it is understood that you have read and agree to all the relevant T&Cs.


  • The initial consultation will be free of charge and will be held under a no-obligation basis
  • An estimate of the service required will be emailed after the initial consultation
  • If you wish to proceed further you must confirm by email. In doing so, you are also accepting these T&Cs. This will form an agreement between the Customer and Darn Right
  • Quotes are valid for 3 months from the date of issue unless otherwise stated.
  • When the quote has been finalised, you will be asked to make an initial (non-refundable) instalment to cover the cost of the parts required to complete the job (for example, fabric, roman blind headrails, curtain tracks etc)
  • If you wish to proceed with the quote, it may be necessary to complete a further site visit to take detailed measurements for work to proceed. Please make sure that the area to be assessed is clear of items that may otherwise prevent accurate measurements being taken
  • Work will commence once payment of the initial instalment has cleared and an email acceptance of the quote has been received
  • All payments to Darn Right should be made by bank transfer (details can be found on the quote), cash or cheque
  • Due to the nature of our work (ie bespoke custom-made items) you will only be able to claim a refund if the product is faulty, not if you have a change of heart or for any other reason. Furthermore, if a fault is discovered, you must give us the chance to rectify it free-of-charge.


  • Every effort will be made to complete the work within the required time frame. Darn Right cannot be held liable if timescales are not met for reasons outside of our control, such as (but not limited to):
    • delays in paying the initial instalment
    • deviations in estimated delivery times of parts
    • restrictions on accessing the site for measuring
    • revisions to the job by you
    • delays in specifying fabric choice 
  • We will do our best to make up any delays but we will not sacrifice quality for speed. We wish you to be 100% happy with your product and will give it the attention and time that it deserves
  • The work will proceed as agreed once the initial payment has cleared
  • If you require your job completing by a particular date, please make us aware at the initial consultation. We will let you know if this is realistically achievable
  • Darn Right cannot be held responsible for any materials going out of stock between quotation acceptance and materials purchase. Any monies received with respect to such an order will be refunded
  • You will be notified when the items have been completed and this will be deemed as the COMPLETION DATE. Finished goods will be delivered at an agreed time with you within fourteen days of this completion date
  • The balance of payment will be due on the day of delivery/installation (unless another agreement is arranged). Payment can be made via bank transfer or in cash/cheque. At this point, you will be required to check the goods and sign an acceptance form


  • If you provide the required measurements, then all items subsequently made will be done so in accordance with your measurements. We take no responsibility for any mistakes arising from your inaccurate measurements. Inaccurate measurements may be rectified but will incur an additional cost 
  • If Darn Right has measured for the job and the measurements are subsequently shown to be inaccurate, we will bear the cost of rectification


  • When you supply the fabric, we cannot be responsible for flaws, faults or inconsistencies in the pattern. Where possible we will work around such problems but extra work or fabric required to do so will be paid for by the customer. Fabrics should be clearly marked with the right/wrong side and pattern direction. 
  • There may be a surcharge where many small pieces are supplied from which to make an item.
  • You are welcome to get your fabric delivered directly to Darn Right (Blue Hall, Garton, HU11 4QB). 
    • Direct deliveries will be checked by Darn Right prior to cutting for fabric flaws or faults. If any faults are found we will inform you and you can arrange with your supplier to collect and replace the material
    • Make sure that you inform Darn Right of the exact product line to expect (producer, fabric name and colourway). Failure to do so may result in your item being made up in the wrong fabric
    • Darn Right is not responsible for making up items in the wrong fabric where the fabric is supplied by you
  • All fabrics chosen should be handled with care. Advice for their suitability for washing / dry cleaning can be sought from the fabric supplier. However, when a combination of fabrics have been used (for example where lined/interlined curtains have been made, or where trimmings have been applied) rates of shrinkage between fabrics may differ causing the item in question to be pulled out of shape
  • We suggest that ALL fabrics be treated as dry clean only unless otherwise stated, and can take no responsibility for any damage occurring to items due to cleaning in the wrong manner. In cases where interlining has been used, even dry cleaning may not be possible, and it is recommended that cleaning is done by means of gentle vacuuming
  • We will endeavour to match the correct fabric with your requirements and assess its suitability for the environment in which it will be placed. However, the final decision on fabric choice ultimately lies with you and therefore we cannot be responsible if the fabric you choose is not suitable  
  • Darn Right will not take responsibility for any shrinkage due to high humidity, improper cleaning, or any other reason, or damage or misshaping arising from mishandling or other improper use


  • We are happy to advise on fixtures and fittings for window treatments. 
  • We take no responsibility for any damage to property during or after the attachment of such fixtures or fittings by you or your representative 
​Roman blinds
  • Any roman headrails supplied by us are of the highest quality and conform to all necessary British Safety Standards
  • If you wish to reuse an existing headrail, by law we can only do so if we are happy that it also conforms to current British Safety Standards
  • Roman blinds will be supplied with safety bead chain retainers. Should you refuse the fitting of these safety devices during installation or remove them once fitters leave the site, Darn Right takes no responsibility for injury or death as a result
  • It is your responsibility to ensure safe fixings and safe conditions for Darn Right when on the premises installing window dressings
​Curtain tracks & poles
  • Curtain tracks and poles must be installed before the precise measurements for your curtains are taken
  • If you would like Darn Right to supply and fit the curtain pole/track we can do so. Please let us know at the initial consultation so that we can build this into the quote. The fitting of specialist tracks and poles (for example those that require bespoke curves such as for bay windows) or corded options will command a higher installation fee as they are more time consuming
  • If you choose to fit your own track/pole or use an existing pole, you must make sure that it is suitable for the new curtains and is securely fixed to the wall/ceiling. Our curtains are weighted to ensure they hang nicely and are likely to be considerably heavier than standard shop bought drapes. The weight will also vary depending on:
    • how thick your face fabric is
    • if you choose to have them interlined
    • how many widths of fabric have to be joined to make each curtain panel
    • the fullness and heading style
  • If you wish to change curtain poles/tracks or other such fittings after precise measurements have been taken by us, then you MUST inform us of such a change in writing, and new measurements will need to be taken. If any change in dimensions results in extra work being required to ensure the window treatment(s) fit, then a charge will be incurred based upon the current hourly rate plus travel expenses. You will be advised of this prior to proceeding with any rectification and will need to agree in writing to the additional work and charges.
  • We can sometimes suggest third-party suppliers and tradespeople direct to the customer. However, the customer will form their own relationship with any third party and be responsible for managing these relationships, and be responsible for financial settlements directly with the third party


  • All our work will conform to current British Standards legislation. 
  • If your furniture was made post 1950, all fillings and covers must comply with the law. We use furniture grade foams that comply with the Furniture & Furnishings fire Regulations 1988 & amendments
  • If you supply your own face fabric it is your responsibility to ensure it is suitable for purpose. By law:
    • face fabric must be pre-treated with a Flame Retardant (FR) coating, or
    • a FR interliner can be used on face fabric that is at least 75% by weight of cotton, flax, viscose, modal, silk or wool, used separately or together and not coated with polyurethane or a polyurethane preparation 
  • In relation to re-upholstery services, you will retain ownership of your own furniture at all times, but you will not own the new fabric and materials until delivery and full payment for the products is received 
  • If you are unable to take delivery of your finished items within 7 days of being advised that they are ready for delivery, we may charge storage costs of up to £50 per week


  • At the time of fitting, Darn Right will go through the features of items supplied. You will be taught about how the fixtures work and any safety features. 
  • If we are called back to the site to deal with issues that have already been explained, you will be required to pay for the call out at the cost of the current hourly rate plus travel expenses. If you have a problem with your blind or curtain, you are welcome to contact us for free advice. We can often talk you through the steps that you need to go through to rectify the issue without having to call us out.
Roman blinds
  • For roman blinds, at the time of installation we will explain:
    • how the headrail is detached and reattached (in case you need to remove it in future, for example, to redecorate or clean)
    • how the child safety features work, such as the adjustable toggles and quick release cord attachments (so that if they are triggered you are equipped with the knowledge to reassemble the blind)
    • how the chain is accessed and why it is important to be retained against the wall.
  • When curtains are first hung they need to be dressed to encourage them to fall into rounded, even folds. Your curtains will be dressed and left bandaged in order to ‘fix’ the folds. Interlined curtains respond especially well to this process. This binding needs to be left in place for as long as possible so that the curtains can learn to return to the same folds when they are used. At a minimum leave them for 48 hours. If the learning period is not observed and Darn Right is subsequently called out due to the curtains not sitting properly, you will be required to pay for the call out at the cost of the current hourly rate plus travel expenses
  • If the curtains have been left for the correct amount of time but are still not behaving, Darn Right will make one free follow-up appointment to address the issue. It may be necessary to bind the curtains for a longer period
Furniture & cushions
  • To prolong the life of your furniture/cushions we recommend that you regularly vacuum and turn cushions where possible. Any stains should be treated immediately as per the fabric guidelines for your chosen face fabric.
  • Please note that if your fabric has a Fire Retardant coating, this could be damaged by incorrect cleaning. It is important to check and retain the cleaning advice of your chosen face fabric.